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Design ServicesMEA clients benefit from our extensive experience in fire protection engineering and building and life safety code consulting. We work with building owners, architects, developers, real estate property and facility managers, institutions and government agencies to build long-term relationships based on a proven approach to life safety engineering and risk reduction.

Design Services:

  • Fire sprinkler system design, including detailed "shop drawings" as necessary
  • Fire alarm system design
  • Fire and smoke modeling
  • Smoke management system design and commissioning
  • Special hazard system design, including foam systems and clean agent systems
  • Plan review services
  • Smoke management system design and commissioning
  • Water supply design, including municipal underground water lines, storage tanks, and fire pump systems
  • Existing building fire safety evaluations
  • Flammable and combustible liquid storage, handling, and use including painting, airplanes and fleet fueling operations

Code ConsultingCode Consulting:

  • Building and Fire Code Compliance Analysis
  • Alternative Code solutions and equivalent methods
  • Atrium Hazard Analysis, and smoke removal system design
  • Litigation Support
  • Plan Review Services
  • Forensic Investigations of fire and building system failure

Life Safety ServicesLife Safety Services:

  • Fire and Life Safety Evaluation
  • Fire and Life Safety Master Planning
  • Mass Notification System Design and Planning
  • Egress Analysis


Construction Administration:

  • Bidder Selection
  • Site progress inspections
  • Contractor shop drawings and materials data review
  • As-built drawings and project close-out service